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What does it mean to "be" a woman?

What has formed that idea and what has that meant in your life?

are we?

The founders of Greendale Community Church were forward thinking women. We take great pride and perseverance in that. The Soul Sister's Circle is a place to carry on that legacy and ponder the question, "What does it mean to "be" a woman?" The group will meet the third Monday of the month to come together and talk about books, blogs, podcasts, etc., and discuss how we can educate, create change, and inform so that women are on equal and level footing in all of society. CLICK the picture to the left to see our Women in the Bible, woman of the month. For the month of January, it's Eve.

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This fall, a group of women dove into the book, The Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd.  This book, published over 25 year ago, and it’s exploration of how patriarchy dominates the world today and through time, was informative and left us wondering how this can and will ever change.   In some ways in 2022, patriarchy has become stronger.  How to we learn from the past? How do we teach to create change? How do we extinguish fear?  


The group that met, decided we needed to keep meeting.  We saw ourselves as “ripples in the pond” – each one of has an impact and effect on others and our relationships. So, we met!  We will be focusing the next few months on the book Crones Don't Whine: Concentrated Wisdom for Juicy Women by Jean Shined Bolen. Focusing on 2 short essays per month. As well as weekly videos and discussion tracing the patriarchy back to Jesus' time until today. This isn't a book club so come join us whenever you can at whatever capacity you can give. 

3/20•4/17•5/15 •  6:30pm

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