May2021 GCC

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* Musical Guides: Pastor Dave, Mireya (Nena) Magallon (choreographer), Jo Rivers, parent volunteers


Rehearsals will take place on Sundays, after service, from 11:15-1:30, please bring a lunch. Snacks will be provided halfway through.


Piano Restoration

WHO CAN BE IN THE SHOW – Children in first grade and up – they should be able to read, especially if they want a speaking part.  AND FRIENDS.  If you have a friend and you think they would have fun with this by all means bring them along!!!!

SCRIPT DISTRIBUTION will take place on Sunday, January 5, at the end of the service of worship.  I will have scripts and copies of the CD for all of you to listen to.  I would also like to play through the CD once so that you can hear it, and I will share with you some ideas that I have for the show so that you can start to get as excited as me!!!

FIRST REHEARSAL will be on Sunday, January 12.  We will begin in one of the classrooms, and then move to the sanctuary once all the Christmas decorations are out. 

SOLO AUDITIONS – anyone who would like to sing a solo in this show, will have a solo.  It may not be long, but you will have one if you want one!!!  Mrs. Murdaugh will work with people in the choir room so that we can hear the strength of your voice and the range of it (we don’t want your solo to be too high or too low).

Youth Musical