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Greendale Community Church's environmental group is called Do One Thing or D.O.T. for short. This group is committed to teaching the philosophy that little things add up and if we can only "do one thing" we can make a difference in our world. We must all do something about climate change and turn love into action. 

Love Your Neighbor

Care for the Children

Protect God's Creation.

Meditation in Forest

What's New?

Meeting dates:

Second Sunday of 

each month after church

Interested in joining D.O.T?


The United Nations has estimated that 1 million animal and plant species are at risk of extinction, many within decades, unless humans act to save them. Their report, issued two years ago, determined that the main drivers of modern extinction are changes in land and sea use, hunting and fishing pressures, climate change, pollution, and invasive species.


How can we help?  A variety of citizen-based science programs and organizations in Wisconsin focus on monitoring natural resources and rely on volunteers to collect data. The information they collect is used to get a clearer understanding of environmental conditions throughout the state, and assists organizations and local, county and state governments to develop and support policies to ensure that "common species remain common and that rare, threatened, and endangered species are protected."
Please see the resources below for more information/volunteer opportunities:




Adult and Baby Elephant

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