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Angie, Dawn Bach, Jack Balke, Kari Bauer, Lynette Bird, Mike Boehm, Jessica Broussard, Susan Brunner, Carl, Charlotte, Griffin Clark, Tracy Conlin, Keith Dehnels, Dolores Detert, Donna Eime, Debbie Erickson, Austin Fiala, David Gasehen, Cheryl Harris, Kathleen Harris, Ron Heinz, Jill, Judy, Judy Holcomb, Maribeth Hunter, Maryann Hurley, John Jensen, Lana, Dimitri Lazo,  Lisa, Mary Little, Luba Nowak, Vicki Paris, Rob Pfisterer, Linda Rantz, Ashley Rhode, Camille Rhodes, Jacalyn Salloum, Mary Scheuer, Amy Schroeder, Alice Skrobis, Brenna Slavik, Herb Szatmary, Molly Tesky, David Thompson, Laura Welder, Judy Willman, Eunice Zirbe

To make a prayer request, please send an email in the black box below. It will be sent to the pastor and the secretary.  If you would like for it to be added to the bulletin and you have the consent of the individual(s), please specify.

"No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here."

Prayer Concern List

Please pray for the following members, friends

and family members who are in treatment or

struggling with cancer:

Let us please pray for our healthcare workers, teachers and all those who have been frontline in during this time.  We hold them with much respect and pray for their health and safety.