About us

Greendale Community Church is a church with an open mind and stands for freedom of thought and speech.  We extend wholehearted fellowship to all people without regard to sect, class, nationality, or race.  The object of this church shall be to help in creating a social order more in harmony with the manifest purpose of a just God and with the conscience and intelligence of sincere people.  We believe that religion should bring all men and women into a common unity under God.  

Our "Herstory"

Greendale Community Church was founded in 1940 by a group of women in Greendale who had the vision of starting a church community where "you are not told what to believe, but to discover God for yourself." These women and their spirit will always be with us. According to an article which appeared in The Greendale Times, our congregation was named "unique and different" because it was home to ten different denominations which gathered in unity to worship under one roof.  Prompted by the urging of a local resident, in 1938 the Milwaukee County Council of Churches conducted a religious survey of the community.  The survey revealed that a number of community members were searching for a congregation that could be compatible with a variety of Protestant traditions.  Four established denominations, including Baptist, Congregational, Methodist, and Presbyterian promised financial aid in establishing what would be called the Greendale Community Church.   The original charter created in 1940 included 36 founding members. 

Church Staff
Senior Pastor: The Rev. David J. Gaeth  414.687.8755  revdavidgaeth@att.net
Organist: Tom Reifenberg
Chancel Choir Director: Mike Jones
Bel Campana Director: Amy Meyer
Director of Religious Education: Nancy Krase  nancykrase@sbcglobal.net
Youth Ministry Coordinator (SEARCH): Matt Wood
Church Secretary: Jan Cook  gccucc@sbcglobal.net
boards and committee CHAIRS

Official Board: Brett Meyer

Asst. Chair: Kate Civiletta Kalich

Member at Large: Jim Berger 

Member at Large: Cathy Wood

Treasurer: Ross Bunchek

Financial Secretary: Jerry Doran 

Head Usher: Dick Frey and Wally Kunde

Missions: Robert Destromp

Religious Education: Jackie Schultz 

Staff Relations: Anne Frelka 

Trustees: Jason Rush