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confirmation projects 2024 continued...

Spaghetti on Fork

Isabella Meyer

polar plunge

Isabella Meyer is an 8th grade student at Greendale Middle School. Something that is really important to her is helping children who have special physical needs. Her project is to host a spaghetti lunch on Sunday March 3 to raise money for Polar Plunge which helps the Olympians. She will need 5 people from the congregation to help her on that day. CLICK HERE to sign up!

Jordan weber

village clean up

Jordan Weber is an 8th grader at Greendale Middle School and something that is really important to him is the health of the earth. So his project is to clean up Greendale. On Saturday, April 20, Jordan will gather with people here at church at 8 a.m., and go out in the village and the parkway and pick up trash. Jordan would like at least 20 people to join him on this endeavor. CLICK HERE to sign up!

Men Volunteering
Volunteers Packing Food

Alice zodrow

food pantry

Alice Zodrow is an 8th grader at Greendale Middle School.   Something that is really important to her is the number of Food Deserts that exist.  A Food Desert is an areas where people do not have access to nutrtious food.  Alice will be conducting a Food Drive through May 5, the items of which will go to a Food Pantry in Southeast Wisconsin that serves people who live in a Food Desert.  She will need all of you to contribute to her project. In the coming weeks she will post a specific list of food for the drive.

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thank you!

to everyone who volunteered and helped with our confirmation program projects

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